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Harmonic Balance

Natural Health and Wellness products 

for you and your beloved four legged companions. 


How It All Began


I’ve always had a passion for dogs and leaned toward natural ways to maintain and improve their overall health. Meet Koda, Boo and Zieva, aged 6, 7 and 4 respectively (in 2019). I have been feeding a raw diet since 2013.  I prefer to feed natural, pure foods and treats.  I shy away from additives, by products, unnatural preservatives and chemicals.  

In 2008 I opened Luxe Dog Grooming and Training in White Rock BC.  In 2012 I obtained my Professional Dog Trainer Certification and in 2013 I quit the corporate world to obtain my Professional Dog Groomer Certification  after which time I started working with my staff at Luxe Dog and have been doing so since.  I have seen dogs with a multitude of different issues including food sensitivities, environmental allergies, poor skin and coat, emotional issues such as anxiety and stress, diabetes, and other medical conditions.

There are so many toxins in our oceans, soil and foods, not to mention GMO's,  that I suspect that many, in some way, are contributing to todays' dog health issues. Because of my keen interest in a natural approach to dog health I started researching alternative remedies and health care and discovered a whole new world in essential oils, herbs and botanicals, Hemp Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Coconut Oil and Spirulina amongst other natural remedies, health products and  dietary complements.  

Harmonic Balance came about because of my desire to help myself and my dogs live a healthier, happier, longer life and to offer you, my fellow dog & cat lovers and owners, the tools, products and knowledge to assist you in following a path of holistic, natural health and well being in your beloved four legged companions.

Please keep in mind that the information and products provided and/or shared on this site are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease or medical conditions.  Always consult your medical professional or veterinarian before beginning any new dietary complements or therapies.    


Benefits of Feeding Raw


Good health starts with good food.   Raw food diets are toted to be the oldest form of pet food.  Why?  Because they are the closest to what our dogs ancestors and those that live in the wild today eat. More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of raw, natural foods in their diets and many dog and cat owners are switching to raw diets as well, for a multitude of reasons.

 As pet owners investigate what builds their own good health, they realize good food applies to the whole family—including the four-legged family,” explains Dr. Cathy Alinovi, DVM, a holistic veterinarian who is also certified in Veterinary Food Therapy and Chinese Herbal Therapy.

Many dog owners switch their dogs to a raw diet because of health problems. It’s one of the reasons that I did and I have noticed a marked improvement in my dogs’ overall health, including the condition of my dogs teeth and gums.  

Holistic/Natural Vs Traditional Methods


My personal preference is for holistic and natural care and/or treatments whenever possible.  I believe what       

Dr. Karen Becker says: 

If a health condition can be resolved or well-managed with natural treatments that have no known side effects, why take risks with synthetic pharmaceuticals that almost certainly come with side effects


Some of the differences between Holistic/Natural and Traditional care:

  Holistic/Natural Medicine

  • Emphasizes disease prevention
  • Views the body in it's entirety, as a living microcosm, with disease resulting when it is unbalanced
  • Views the body as capable of self repair and administers treatments or remedies to support self healing

Traditional Medicine

  • Emphasizes diagnosis and treatment
  • Views the body as segments or parts and deals with disease in those specific parts 
  • Views the body or part of the body as the passive recipient of treatments that fix it

I concede that traditional treatments are a necessary part of modern health care. Drugs and surgery have their place in situations where that is the only protocol.  It is my belief however, that natural care should be the first option of choice with drugs and surgeries being secondary.


Organic Hemp Oil For Dogs & Felines


Dr. Katherine Kramer  of the Vancouver Animal Wellness Clinic says she can't imagine practicing today without this product.

Read more here:  Dr. Katherine Kramer 

Survey results from the Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, show an increasing number of owners are using  hemp plant extract products for their dogs and cats. The majority of those who participated indicated issues that were positively impacted by these products were pain relief, sleep and anxiety, convulsions and seizures, nausea and vomiting and appetite. 

 Read more about Hemp Oil for dogs here

Our K9 & Feline Comfort formulas are organic, Canadian grown and made, 100% Industrial Hemp Plant Extract, non-GMO, free of preservatives and chemicals.  



Organic Dietary Complements for Dogs

 Natural dietary complements are essential to promote and support strong growth and development; healthy skin and coat; a strong immune system, healthy organs and digestive tract. Our powdered wildly crafted or organic herbal dietary complements for dogs are non-GMO herbs and mushrooms.  Formulated by a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.  
Made in Canada.

We also offer organic Hemp Seed Oil and organic spirulina as well as freshly baked organic treats.


Organic Aromatherapy for Dogs and Felines


Aromatherapy is an effective, natural option to help with a number of dog and feline issues such as anxiety, itchy skin, allergies, flea/tick problems, a dry nose or sore, irritated paws.  Our hydrosols and oil blends are organic, non-GMO, and vegan.  

Formulated by a Certified Aromatherapist. 

                                  Made In Canada.



CBD for dogs, Holistic Health for Animals, Organic health products for dogs, Vancouver BC




I met you at Petapalooza in Victoria and spoke to you about trying  for the first time for my senior golden retriever who was anxious at nighttime and wasn't sleeping. It has not only calmed her anxiety but also seems to be giving her more energy. I've also noticed that she's coughing less now. :)

Thanks for your recommendation and for selling such a great product.


Rebecca K., Victoria BC

 I recently used Harmonic Balance's  oil. What a difference! I find my dog to be more relaxed!  Perfect for when I leave for work and get worried that he might be barking up a storm, I cannot endorse this product enough! Also, he loved his Boo Biscuits! 

Mike F., North Delta, BC

 We’ve loving having the oil around for our two dogs for when they need a ‘chill pill.’ Maggie has a bit of fearfulness that makes her wary of people and Joey gets anxious from treatments for longstanding skin issues. In both cases the oil helps them both immensely, which not only gives them relief but gives us relief too, knowing that they can relax and feel a lot better mentally. We’re an all natural household, so it’s great to have such an effective, safe, high quality product at our fingertips, that also has a bunch of other health benefits to boot. We’re hooked! 

Nadine K., Mission BC

 I've had Baer, a 9 year old Miniature Dachshund who suffers from Nerve Root Signature Pain on K9 Comfort from Harmonic Balance for about 2 weeks now. We use it for everyday maintenance and he gets the recommended dose for his weight. He hasn't had any episodes recently in regards to his spine and I notice the edge taken off, less anxiety when it comes to day to day life and especially when he is left home alone. Overall, a great Oil for canines! 

Emmy A., White Rock BC

 While camping...Kick Bug spray saved me and my dog from getting bit by mosquitos!! Great smell and long lasting!

Christine W., Surrey BC

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